Hidden Haunts

Hidden Haunts is a hidden object game available on Facebook that takes you on an journey where you assist Cassie, Professor Graves and many others with the investigation of poltergeists in the beautiful village of Lost Haven.

Search for hidden objects, solve paranormal cases and build your own mysterious village in the most beautiful and unique Hidden Object Adventure game on Facebook.

In Hidden Haunts you will be searching hidden object scenes that you will unlock as you level up in the game. Each time you complete a hidden object scene you will earn energy and coins. With these coins you can purchase items to build your town with.

The more you play, the more you earn and the more you can build, the more structures and decorations you place, the more instinct you earn which is what unlocks more scenes to search. Scenes can be hidden object, find the differences, and speed challenges where you have sixty seconds to find a never ending list of items in the scene for a large reward bonus.

Hidden Haunts Energy Tips:

  • Ask your Neighbors to send energy – Click on the “Ask” button and you will be allowed to ask your neighbors to send you free energy. They can send you up to three energy points. When you accept these they are stored in your inventory and you must go to your inventory and redeem them to add them to your energy meter.
  • Visit your Neighbors for energy reward – By doing daily neighbor visits you can do a speed search round which takes sixty seconds to complete. Once you finish you will be rewarded with coins, experience and two energy points which add up if you have a lot of neighbors. Note that you can only visit a neighbor once in a twenty four hour period.

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