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Hidden Chronicles is a new hidden object game on Facebook, much like the awarded Game of the Year, Gardens of TimeHidden Chronicles starts with your arrival at your Uncle Geoffrey manor one day only to discover that your uncle has passed away, but he’s also left behind a mystery for you to solve, soon you’ll get clues to the mysterious circumstances of his death .


Hidden Chronicles is a game where you discover hidden items to uncover the mysteries that lay deep within Ramsey Manor. Explore gorgeous scenes to uncover thousands of cleverly-concealed objects, solve puzzles, and find clues that help you unravel the mystery. Share the fun with friends: visit them to leave helpful gifts, or send a challenge to see who can find the most clues in a scene. Finally, don’t forget to collect and build items to customize your estate.

Use the clues listed to identify the objects in each scene. Clues listed in blue are Super Clues that can require you to find a few objects and complete a series of activities. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the time it takes to find all items.

Find the Difference scenes give you two of the same picture, with a few items missing that you must identify. No items are listed; it’s just a matter of spotting the difference between the 2 images shown. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the time it takes to find all items.

Each time you play a scene, you earn points based on your actions in the scene – things such as taking a hint, time, difficulty, and combinations of items found all contribute to the score that you can earn in each scene. The more points that you earn per scene, the more trophies you will earn for that scene; the scene will become a little more challenging each time you reach a new trophy level. The highest total score possible is 2 million points. You can earn up to 5 Mastery trophies in each scene.

When visiting your friends daily, you can challenge them to a game of FastFind to see which of you can find more hidden objects in a particular scene in 60 seconds. You can also hide a secret package on a neighbor’s estate so they will have a surprise next time they play the game.

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