Happy Hospital

In Happy Hospital, you can encounter many lovely animals, such as the most common pets – dogs, cats; and animals in the wild, for example bears, raccoons, and giraffe; even animals you will never want to have – monsters.

These cute animals might be suffered from all kinds of pain and diseases, for example, they are probably bitten by a piranha, or they may just catch a cold. Every time they get sick, the poor little things would look at you with tears in their round and big eyes. And your job is to give them proper treatment and make them vigorous again.

At the very beginning, you are given a three-story clinic with only five rooms. The animals will come to you in the hope of being cured, or just being cleansed. No matter their requirement is tough or simple, they must be stopped and wait in the reception room.

Later, they will be diagnosed by doctor owl who is a really wise and experienced one. After being clearly diagnosed, little pets should be taken to proper treatment rooms. At first, you only have two treatment rooms and one medicine room which allow you to treat limited diseases. But as you upgrade in the game, your ability will also improve. Besides, advance treatment equipments can also purchased, as well as the expensive medicine, as long as you have enough of money.


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