GreenSpace is a new city building (or should I call it City cleaning) social game developed by RocketOwl Inc. Where you have to clean up a completely destroyed and full of garbage planet, build clean energy producing units, like windmills and solar panels. Expand by cleaning around your starting point and gather collections and achievements.

You live in the future and have just discovered that human’s neglect of proper disposal methods has destroyed nature and devastated the universe. You have been assigned by the GreenSpace Corporation to both aid and give balance to the force of nature. It will be your job to renew hope for renewable energy.

So you accept this mission and after saying goodbye to your loved ones, you are blasted off into space on this tiny rocket ship. You then land on an unknown planet that is completely and utterly covered in garbage and junk heaps. It smells rancid, like seven-week-old milk mixed with your great-aunt’s leftover casserole. This planet is so filthy and toxic that your eyes are burning through your bubble helmet. In fact, you can barely move without bumping into a trashcan or slipping on a banana peel.

Your mission in GreenSpace is to clean up this pathetic, polluted wasteland and transform it into a green, sustainable utopia. You will face numerous tasks, which include clearing large amounts of junk from your land, constructing new energy source buildings and structures, and collecting experience, points and credits. As you progress through GreenSpace, the renewable technology you use will become more and more organic.

Your job will not be an easy one (nobody said it would be), but the Corporation will be here to guide you along the way and help you build a thriving green paradise.

Interact with your Facebook friends to complete team challenges and earn special prizes. Add decorations to your land for special bonuses and customize your character by unlocking full outfits and costume pieces.

Trailer and gameplay tutorials

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