Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch is a farming and restaurant simulation browser game available on Facebook developed by playdemic and published by Rockyou.

From the farm to the table, build your epicurean empire from the ground up at Gourmet Ranch. Plow your soil, watch the garden bloom, and then eat it! You’re the supplier, restauranteur and executive chef all rolled into one, so be as uncompromising as you want. Take special pride in feeding your customers finely marbled Kobe steaks and sweet, caramelized onions knowing that it all came from your own backyard.

Don’t be surprised when things get crowded – if you feed them, they will come. Sharing is caring, but good food costs good money. Trade with your neighbors for different items, or turn those eggs benedict into easy bucks.

Flex your design skills and decorate the place. Rustic French or country pub, you get to choose the kind of table as well as what’s on it. So go ahead – embrace both your couch potato and your inner foodie. Just be sure to clean up after.

Experience the adventure of the great outdoors on your very own Ranch! Grow organic crops and animals, use them to bake tasty dishes and then serve them or trade with your friends to earn cash. Use cash to build and decorate your very own homestead in the beautiful mountain wilderness.


Trade and Sell

Trade your gourmet creations and get a sample for what everyone’s cooking. Selling is a great way to turn a profit, and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Cook, Farm and Fish!

With the cooking feature, you can sear, broil, bake and baste exactly to your taste! Flex your green thumb – farming lets you experience organic food first hand. Toss out a line and see what bites with the new fishing feature!


Put a little bit of yourself into everything you do, and decorate your restaurant to look as pretty as what’s on the plate.

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