Global Warfare

Global Warfare is a strategy browser game from Kabam. The action is set on a post war scenario, where you are in command of a small devastated city.

The game takes you to a near-future world of geopolitical turmoil, a future where formal governments have been dissolved in favor of a new world order of warring city-states. As a General, you will be in charge of your own city and army while, establishing alliances to assist in rebuilding your city and battling for global domination.

After starting the game you are immediately taken through a small tutorial that covers the game basics. You start the game with one Headquarters and R&D Center (research and development) and you have to build your first residence and build some farms for food.


  • Grow your cities by building barracks, power sources and research facilities
  • Build farms, oil wells, steel mills, and quarries to secure resources
  • Create an army comprised of infantry, armored, and air troops
  • Conquer wilderness territories and terrorist camps to craft resource and combat items
  • Occupy Strategic Resource map tiles to build special combat troops
  • Join an alliance for protection and strategic battle planning
  • Available on Facebook and Google+

Global Warfare Tips

  • Appoint and assign Generals to special roles to receive bonuses on resource production, troop training times, and more. Send Generals into combat to increase their experience and level thereby increasing the bonuses you receive.
  • Increase your resource production by conquering Wildernesses. Higher level wildernesses give greater bonuses to Production, but are protected by more Troops. Click on a Wilderness in the Map View to see its particular bonus type and amount.
  • Scout your opponent before sending your troops into combat. Most troop types have a direct counter, so build your army wisely and strategically craft attack and defensive forces based on your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Research more than one technology at a time by building a University in your second city.
  • Use the Strategic Retreat item to launch a sneak attack on an enemy.

Trailer and Gameplay Videos


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