Gangs of BoomTown

Gangs of BoomTown is a browser based wild west themed role playing game available on Google+ and Facebook by Digital Chocolate. You start out at BoomTown, once an idyllic and peaceful home on the edge of the frontier. You led a quiet but happy life with your family in the developing township.

That is up until the day the ruthless Assassins Gang rode into town and changed everything forever…

They left Boomtown a smoldering char on the landscape, having burned the town to the ground and mercilessly murdering anyone who stood in their way – including your beloved family and friends.

Hungry for revenge and thirsty for blood you set out to wreak your vengeance!

Nothing will stand in your way as you hunt down the Assassins Gang and work to rebuild your home. With a little help from other Boomtowners and some friendly strangers you will track down the killers and avenge your loved ones.


Gangs of BoomTown gameplay is solid and for most players already known, you have to clear up the town, place some buildings, each with specific function, houses to grow population, crops to produce food, etc.

There is also a discovery and adventure section of the game, where you have to explore the map, to do quests that will appear, with the usual rewards, there are also achievements, and player versus player action where you can duel other players and friends.

Other features include the customization of your character, skill increases with level up, lots of available weapons and items to enhance your character.

Gangs of BoomTown features great graphics and appropriate themed music and sound effect for the game theme, and will for sure please a lot of players.

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