Galaxy Online 2

Galaxy Online 2 is is a online strategy game that you can play on Facebook, the game entitles like The free Best Sci-Fi browser game of 2011 on Facebook, lets see if it is true.

As the name suggests the game is set in a futuristic environment, where you control a called Ground Industrial Base, this is your starting point, where you can construct various buildings, including resource fields, market, commander center, etc.

As you start the game you are taken to a dashboard, with lots of options, the game has a sort of a daily checklist to help you get used to the game play, and also tutorial quest to introduce the player to the game. On the daily checklist you have harvest resources, complete daily quests, visit friends, grab resources, explore instances, gather vouchers and check battle reports, this checklist is a rather nice touch as allows beginners to not loose themselves while they get used to the gameplay.

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