Galaxy Life

Galaxy Life is an online strategy game free to play on Facebook, developed by Digital Chocolate, set on space and featuring the most cute creatures, “The starlings”.

After a short introductory story, you start out with a small outpost, and you have to lead your Starling colony to victory by placing new buildings, defensive structures to defense yourself for your enemies and by producing and training your own troops to explore the surrounding galaxy and the planets within.

Graphically superb, with a great tutorial and familiar game mechanics, nice and catchy music and sound effects, fast paced gameplay Galaxy Life is one of the best Facebook games of it’s genre, it mixes city building, strategy and player vs players features, but with such presentation and cuteness that most Facebook game players will enjoy.

With hundreds of story driven missions, quests, gifting, achievements, collections, etc…it also features PVP on for advanced players.

Trailers and  Gameplay videos

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