Galactic Allies

Galactic Allies is a free to play online space strategy Facebook game published by RockYou.

You can customize weapons and shields to battle against your friends in combat. Explore and discover alien races and mine exotic worlds for their rich minerals to upgrade your ships and weapons.

Galactic Allies starts out with a really nice tutorial, showing all the game options and how to get around, the game is divided into 3 main areas, the Star map where you basically travel around the galaxy from planet to planet, to fight enemies or dig for resources.

The home section is where you have you mother ship and you can buy new ships from fighters to frigates, deploy them to form your squadrons, or arms them with better weapons and shields.

In the research area you can develop new technical advances, like new weapons, to arm your ships. You also have a trade section to exchange resources and the black market.

But Galactic Allies is not only strategy, the battles actually require some mouse skills and preparation and can be pretty fast and fierce, the wrong move or strategy can be enough to loose a battle!

All together, Galactic Allies manages to be a great space strategy game, with arcade parts, suitable for everyone, with great graphics and long term gameplay.

Galactic Allies Videos

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