Frogger Pinball

Frogger Pinball is a free to play pinball game on Facebook by Konami, with added social features and play modes.

Ready for Pinball? Ready, Get Set…Go! Frogger leaps back to the swamp with fast-paced pinball action! Take control of the flippers and launch Frogger into battle against evil RoboCroc!

It’s pinball with a twist as Frogger curls up into a ball and rolls, flips and leaps his way to victory!

Frogger celebrates his 30th anniversary with an all new pinball Facebook game! Defeat enemies of new and old to rescue Princess Lily and save Frogger’s home from the evil clutches of Robocroc and his Global Warming Ray! It’s pinball with a twist as Frogger curls up into a ball and rolls, flips and leaps his way to victory!

Play on incredibly realistic pinball tables with 3D rendered graphics, ramps and realistic physics. Use the flippers to shoot the ball up ramps, hit targets and unlock special modes including BOSS BATTLES, FROGGER FRENZY and MULTIBALL.

Play the SWAMP STAGE CHALLENGE MODE every day and see if you have what it takes to get on the LEADERBOARDS. You’ve got one shot to score as many points as possible.

Key Features:

CHALLENGE MODE – You’ve got one shot to get the highest score possible. Can you top the leaderboards? Play every day and win Eco Energy and Emeralds. (FREE on iOS LITE and Facebook)

STORY MODE – Play as often as you like on each of the three tables. Collect Eco Energy from enemies and Emeralds from Bosses as you climb the LEADERBOARDS and help Frogger save Princess Lily and his home from Robocroc. (available on iOS FULL version, unlockable on iOS LITE and Facebook)

UNIQUE STAGES – Three beautiful, super detailed, and action-packed tables: Swamp, City, Space, and More to come!

TOURNAMENTS – Show the world who is king of the swamp by entering weekly tournaments.

ENEMIES – Each stage features four enemies, each with their own abilities and attacks.

COLLECT – Defeat enemies to make them drop Eco Energy. Collect and spend Eco Energy to unlock special Power-Ups and features.

POWER UPS – Spend Eco Energy or Emeralds on Power-Ups to make Frogger more powerful and get higher scores!

SPECIAL BONUSES – Hit targets and complete loops to start MULTIBALL and FROGGER FRENZY to boost your score.

LEADERBOARD – Compete with your friends for the High Score!

Trailer and gameplay videos

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