Fortune Stones

Fortune Stones is a match 3 puzzle game where you make matches of three or more. This is accomplished by swapping stones with adjacent stones to complete these matches. Completing matches of three or more will turn white tiles black. The object of the game is to turn all tiles black to move on to next board or level.

Fortune Stones combines fast-paced arcade play and puzzle-solving strategy. Personalize your gameplay with unique backgrounds, custom tile sets and more. Collect free exclusive stones, power ups and bonuses. Compete with your friends and win!

How To Play

Matches of 3

To make a match of 3, click on a stone and then drag it so it makes a match of three stones of the same shape and color. Once matched, the stones will disappear and new ones will fall from the top to fill in the gaps.

Matches of 4 or More

To make a match of 4 or more, click on a stone and then drag it so it makes a match of four or more stones of the same shape and color. Once matched, the stones will disappear and new ones will fall from the top to fill in the gaps. As an added bonus, all matches of 4 or more will earn you a bomb.


Bombs are earned by making matches of 4 or more. Each bomb type has a unique power. Use bombs to remove multiple stones at the same time or locked tiles.

Bomb Types

Color Bomb
Removes all stones of one color.
Cross Bomb
Removes all stones directly above, below, left and right of it.
Removes a large diamond pattern of stones around the bomb.
Removes all adjacent stones around the bomb.
Removes all stones on the board.
X Bomb
Removes all stones diagonal of it.

Glowing Stones

Complete matches that include a glowing stone to earn special bonuses. These bonuses are randomly awarded and include free Playteau Cash, free collection items and bombs.

Gold Cells

Complete matches in gold cells to earn free Playteau Cash.

Locked Tiles

Represented by a chain on top of a stone, locked tiles prevent the stones under them from being moved or removed. A single locked tile requires two matches to flip, while a double locked tile requires three matches to flip. Locks on tiles can also be removed by using bombs.

Karma Meter

The karma meter will automatically zap stones and turn white tiles black. Quick play through making matches will fill the karma meter, which when full will begin to work by zapping stones. To maintain the karma meter, you must continue to make quick matches.

You can find the karma meter above the game board. Its meter fills from the outside to the inside of it.


The timer counts down the time remaining to complete the level or game.

You can find the timer at the bottom of the game board. The meter counts down from right to left.

Clearing the Board/ Level Completion

A board is cleared or level completed by flipping all of the white tiles over to black. To flip a tile, make a match over it.


In frenzy play, a board is cleared when all white tiles are turned over to black.


In strategy play, a level is completed when all white tiles are turned over to black.


There are two gameplay types in Fortune Stones. The first is a great spin on the classic match 3 game, while the second involves the completion of fantastic puzzle level sets.


In frenzy play, the goal is to earn as many points as possible before time runs out. Clearing all of the white tiles earns you a 15 second time bonus and score multiplier (x2, x3, etc), and then resets the board so you can keep playing. The more times you clear the board, the more time bonuses and points you get.


In strategy play, the goal is to “solve” each level by clearing all of the white tiles. Once you do, the level is complete, and you can move on to play the next level.

You must play one game of frenzy to unlock strategy gameplay.

Strategy Modes

In this style of play, you race time to complete each level.

In this style of play, you take as much time as you need to complete each level.

Level Sets

Levels are contained within level sets. Level sets are multiple levels of similar themed puzzles. To advance within a level set, you must complete each level in order to progress to the next one. Upon completion of a level set, you may unlock additional level sets. You can also purchase premium level sets with Playteau Cash.


Weekly Competitions

Every week, you compete with your friends for the highest scores in Frenzy and Strategy modes. Gold, silver and bronze trophies are awarded weekly to the top three players on your leader board. Your scores will be reset on the leader board at the end of each weekly competition.

Trophies are awarded every Wednesday.


These items allow you to customize and boost your gameplay experience.


These are the stones used to make matches within the game. All players begin with the starter stone set, which is free. Additional sets can be obtained through in-game bonuses or by purchasing with Playteau Cash. Except for the starter stones, all additional collections offer gameplay bonuses. These bonuses vary by collection.

Stones can be purchased individually. If you purchase a collection of stones at the same time, you will receive a discount dependent on the number of stones left to complete the set.


These are images available to personalize the look of your game board. There are a number of free backgrounds available and also for purchase with Playteau Cash.

Power Ups

You can boost your gameplay by using these premium power ups. Different kinds of power ups offer unique playing advantages. You can purchase as many power ups as you wish, but can only use one per game. Power ups are obtained by purchasing them with Playteau Cash.

General Power Ups

Adds 15 seconds to your game.
Randomly flips 5 white tiles each level.
Karma Boost
Fills the karma meter 10% faster.
XP Multiplier
Starts your game with the multiplier at x2.
Glowing Stone
Each level gets an extra glowing stone.

In-Game Power Ups

Enables you to select and flip any cell.
Adds two random bombs to the game board.

Frenzy Power Ups

Adds a nuke to the first level.

Strategy Power Ups

Flips the last 5 tiles automatically.

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