Flying Kingdoms Preview

Flying Kingdoms is the next big game from Vostu and for the looks of it, it is going to it Facebook! Much Like CastleVille, the game will let you build your own Flying Kingdom, explore mysterious lands, face terrible enemies and forge alliances with your friends to bring back the peace to the Flying Kingdoms world.

In Flying Kingdoms you are the ruler of a kingdom of flying island that you have to manage, while at the same time you have to explore a world full of dangerous creatures, in your ultimate goal, to find the antidote for the spell that turned the King into a stone statue and transformed the kingdom into this mysterious and dangerous place!

The first available artwork shows nice looking cartoon characters and everything points out to another great kingdom manager social game.

For now you can play on Facebook a small “training game” with 3 levels, you have to like to unlock the first one, and once it get to 30000 and 70000 fans it unlocks the other 2 respectively.

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