Flying Kingdoms

Flying Kingdoms is a new online city building and adventure game, officially launched today on Facebook and Orkut by Vostu, if it will be available on other platform is still to see, as the game has its own official page on Google+.


The background theme is similar to CastleVille, set in the same medieval age but with some significant differences in gameplay. Here you have to separate sections, one of city building and one of adventure which are played in different parts and with different mechanics.

The adventure section, where you have to explore the world, and do quests that will appear as you go, most of this quests are given by characters you will encounter along your adventures, this characters will also give you important tips about the game, in the form of tutorial explanations or later as description of the several quests, like for example to only chop wood from yellow trees.

The adventure section uses mana as resource for your actions and the energy is spent in the Kingdom Section for building, planting crops, etc… both refill over time or you can ask your friends for it.

Social features include recruiting friends to help out in specific quests, send and receive gifts, daily visits for rewards and to help out in your friend kingdoms.

Flying Kingdoms graphics and overall look are really great, sounds and music also play accordingly,  and all the mechanics are familiar and solid, making this title definitely a must play.

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Stay with our First Look Gameplay Video and decide for yourself.

Additional Links:

Facebook Fan PageYou can find important game news, events, tips, Hints and friends to play.

Orkut Community pageThe same as above for the Orkut Version.

Google+ Official page – If the game gets available on Google Plus this should be your support page.

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