Fitness City

Fitness City is another social management online game from iZ Social available on Facebook and Tuenti social platforms, this time you have to run your own fitness gym.

Stress, hurries, unhealthy habits… The people of this city are begging for a place in which to look after themselves, relax and forget about pollution,noise and their daily routines.

Open the doors of your new Fitness Center and turn it into a Wellness Kingdom.

Spinning classes, yoga, massages, swimming, weight lifting, beauty treatments, wine therapy sessions, paddle tennis, contrast baths, Pilates, self-defense training, Tai Chi… There’s all you need to equip your fitness center and to expand it. Do pay attention to your members’ requests: each of them has different lifestyles and needs.

Your gym is awesome? Then spread the word! Launch some promotion campaigns so that everybody around knows where to go to get in shape.

Fitness City‘ gives you the opportunity to design the perfect place to take care of your body and mind and feel better.

Fitness City gameplay is pretty much the same found on Paradise Club, the resources to balance and manage are much alike, the activities in your gym need members to use them and every time you finish installing a new activity you will need to assign a certain number of members for the activity to start working.

The marketing campaigns are for you to acquire new members that you can then assign to the activities you install in your gym. If you have the amount of prestige required for each marketing campaign, you will be able to launch them from the reception. Marketing campaigns take some time, after which you will be rewarded with new members.

As your level within the game rises, the variety of campaigns you can launch to get new members will get wider, too. You can get new members by carrying out marketing campaigns from the reception of your gym.

You can also get members by publishing certain milestones you have reached within the game or by finding them in the surroundings of your gym and clicking on them to recruit them.

Prestige is a necessary resource to launch marketing campaigns to acquire new members.

The main way of getting prestige is via the activities available in the Wellness area. You can also obtain it by helping out in your neighbors’ gyms and with Aqua activities. In order to get as many new members as possible with the help of a marketing campaign, you will have to hire all the employees you are being asked for.

If you don’t fill all the positions, you will get fewer members than you would if the marketing campaign was carried out perfectly. However, you can hire employees even when the marketing campaign is underway. The employees will help increase the number of new members acquired when the campaign finishes.

You can fill these positions with your Facebook or Tuenti friends who are not playing Fitness City yet. Send them an invitation when you access the campaign, regardless of whether it is before launching it or when it is running already. To do so, click on reception.

In order to extend the surface of your gym click on ‘BUILD’. Once you get to the shop, go to the ‘EXPAND’ section. In order to carry out the expansion successfully, you will need to have enough money and a sufficiently high Karma level.

The Karma level (indicated by a heart symbol) displays the help you have given in your neighbors’ gyms. It allows you to compare yourself with your neighbors. But above all it is helpful to unlock new expansions of your gym. Every time you carry out an action in a gym that is not yours, you will receive a Karma point. The more Karma points you have, the higher your Karma level will be.

As you will see in the shop, each area (Aqua, Fitness and Wellness) has got its own “Accessories and extras” section. The objects allow you to decorate and personalize your gym and will also generate extra profit for you.

Some of these objects, such as for example the plants, boost the income generated by the activities located close by. When you put one of these objects the area in which it will be effective will be indicated. The profits generated by the activities located in this area will increase by a certain percentage.

The gym is clearly divided into three main areas, named according to the type of activities carried out within them: Aqua, Fitness and Wellness. They can be distinguished by the different colors of their floors.

The same distinction is made in the shop, which you can access by clicking on ‘BUILD’: each area has its own activities and specific objects, none of which can be placed in an area where it doesn’t belong.

Tips & Tricks

  • Pay attention to your members’ requests. Keep them satisfied and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Wellness activities and items give you more prestige, which is very effective to attract new members.
  • Your neighbors help you to succeed. Visit or ask them when you run out of energy.
  • Be fast when picking up your rewards after completing activities and you will get great bonuses.
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