Fashion World

Fashion World is a Facebook Game developed by MetroGames where you can have your own Fashion Store! Create the clothes, put them on the stands, and try to sell them to your customers by hiring friends and adding dressers. Decorate your store to be cooler than others!

The game plays like most restaurant or store management games, you get your own store, and you have to manufacture clothes, shoes and all kinds of fashion items. This is done in sewing machines and requires several clicks to do, then you have to wait some time for the product to be finished and ready to display on the shelfs, the amount of time to wait varies from item to item, usually the longer the time the more profit you get.

Decorate and expand your store, and improve it with more functional items like racks and change rooms,  expanding is done by buying more floors, you can then place stairs or lifts, the better your store goes the higher your popularity will be, and the more customers you will get.

You can also produce your own custom clothes, choose the type and colors, and sell you exclusive product, just let your imagination flow. You can hire friends to work in your store, send gifts or visit your friend store where you can get some pieces of clothes to use on your avatar, with lots of customization options, or to sell.

Overall, Fashion World is a valid option for fashion and management fans on Facebook.

Fashion World Videos

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