Fame Town

In FameTown you play the role of an actor trying to climb the celebrity social ladder.

To do this you need to win over fans by releasing movies and going to social events. Gain enough fans and you’ll climb the celebrity social ladder from D-List, to C-List, to B-List and if you can manage to make it all the way to the top… the A-List.

Make sure to bring your friends to Fame Town, they help your movies get a better rating from the critics and can save your butt if the studio shelves your movie. Plus you can sell them out to the paparazzi and make tabloid stories about them you can share!

Fame Town has been retired as can be seen in the game page:

Dear FameTown Stars,

Today we are officially retiring FameTown and we want to thank you for playing over the last year.

Please try our new game, The A-List, where you explore Hollywood, meet famous directors, and actually star in the movies you know and love from FameTown! Customize your own property with mansions, cars, and decorations and see if you can be more famous then your friends!

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy The A-List!


Team FameTown

I has bee replaced by The A-list