Fairway Fever

Fairway Fever is a blitz variation of the Klondike card game, and is available on Facebook, developed and published by Big Fish Games, Fairway Fever is set in a golf environment, with great graphics, background music and gameplay, with lots of power ups, different game setups, weekly tournament and social features for even greater experience!

In Fairway Fever you have to match as many cards as possible in 60 seconds. To do this you have to play the card you have on top of a adjacent number card, for example if you have a 4, you can place it on top of a 3 or a 5 to clear them, and so on, Aces can be played on Kings and 2s, kings can be played both on Queens and Aces, and so you have the loop of possibilities complete.

Fairway Fever is a really addictive and fun game to play! And one of the few games you can play forever! There isn’t any type of restriction, no energy, no coins, no resources or lives to cap your gameplay!

Fairway Fever gameplay video

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