Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game is a Facebook game where you become a designer like on ABC’s hit TV show and create homes for the families that deserve it! The game is available on Facebook by the hand of 6 Waves, and is an original approach to the whole decoration theme.

You start by choosing a family, you can check their story and needs, then you have to build a house that fills those needs and wishes, the better and more accurate you are the better will be the family reaction and your score.

After choosing which family to help out, and even before you start building, you have to demolish the old house, by choosing one of the 3 available demolition methods and watch it all crumble. Then you have to choose the house type, floor plan and finally decorate the several house divisions one by one, taking into account the family basic demands.

In Extreme Makeover energy is replaced by volunteers, and this all you need to the the job, once it runs out you just have to wait for it to refill over time. You get experience from playing which will allow you to level up and unlock new game items and decorations.

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