Evony: Age II

Evony: Age II is a browser based empire building game played by 18 Million Players in over 167 countries. It’s a free browser game and takes only 5 minutes to learn, and is extremely fun.

Evony: Age II, has set a worldwide standard for massively multiplayer online real time strategy games by giving amazing graphical interfaces, challenging game play and an immersive world which players from across the globe can enjoy.

Evony: Age II is a persistent browser game, which means that even when you logout, the game keeps running, every new player receives “beginner’s protection” which prevents other players from attacking your cities for a total of 7 days or until you upgrade the Town Hall, the centre of a city to level 5 or higher.

This gives new players the opportunity to accumulate a few resources and troops and get used to the game mechanics, while at the same time, raises the level to a more balanced player vs player mode, with less difference between players.

Like most strategy games, in Evony: Age II you have to give instructions on production and construction with the initial resources. The resources in the game are Gold, Food, Lumber, Stone, and Iron, and the city’s population. After building the basic structures, you have to research technologies and improve your military power, by training different types of military units, which will be used to defend your cities and engage in PVP against other players.

You can also play Evony: Age II using your Facebook account.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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