Dungeon Blitz

Dungeon Blitz is a 2D side-scrolling multiplayer online action role playing game, free to play and browser based, created by Blue Mammoth Games.


After choosing one of the three available classes (Paladin, Rogue or Mage), you can customize its appearance and start fighting almost immediately. You play the role of an adventurer who explores a cartoonish world filled with goblins, sea monsters and other mystical and magical creatures, explore dungeons and complete them to help villagers and hunt for treasures.

Gameplay ScreenshotSimilar in gameplay and view point to other titles like Neosaurs or Maplestory, this goes a step further and offers more action and fighting variation, you must use you keyboard and mouse, and you can jump or move around while fighting trying to evade enemy fire, or step back to hit them from a distance, adding much more diversity to the usual point and click mechanics on this genre of side-scrollers.

Dungeon Blitz is presented in a colorful world, with nicely drawn cartoon figures, distinct classes and skills, engaging combat, varied dungeons, pets and mounts, it also features crafting and enhancing systems.

Dungeon Blitz can also be played on Facebook with all your friends, as said before you can play it in your browser, take a look at the gameplay video to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Trailers and gameplay videos

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