Dog Show Friends

Dog Show Friends is a Facebook game about pet caring, based around the famous National Dog Show on NBC. Pick a puppy to walk, groom, train and play with. Who knows? With enough training your dog could be a champion! Play Dog Show Friends, the delightful game where you can customize your own adorable puppy, then raise it to be a champion! Teach your pup tricks and upgrade your pet’s palace with new toys, treats, and accessories for extra puppy love!

To get started, all you and your friends need to do is pick a puppy and you are on your way. Playing, walking, grooming, training your dog could produce a champion, but keep in mind, a happy hound is already a winner!

Your new best friend is going to require a lot of care and attention. Once in the dog house, you can have your puppy rest, play with their toy, feed them and clean them! You can tell how well your puppy is doing by looking at the Needs Display, which will show their levels of energy, happiness, affection and hunger. Don’t neglect your pet and make it sad!

You can train your pet to do a variety of tricks, some more complex than others. As you raise your puppy you will be able to teach them newer and fancier tricks. Be careful not to train your puppy too hard or you might wear them out.

You can invite any of your friends on Facebook to come play Dog Show Friends with you. As you and your friends raise your puppies, you can have them play together and record your experiences in the Social Book.

There are lots of rewards for leveling up your puppy. Your puppy will earn Need Points to strengthen them, and you can also earn coins, bones, cash or item rewards. Every time your puppy gains a level their Needs Bars will automatically refill.

XP stands for Experience Points. Almost everything you do in the game will earn some. Gaining XP allows your puppy to level up and unlock all that Dog Show Friends has to offer.

There are lots of ways to level up. Playing with your puppy regularly will allow your pet to earn XP. Also, you and your puppy will be challenged with various tasks to complete for XP.

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