Disney Animal Kingdom: Explorers Preview

Disney Animal Kingdom: Explorers is coming soon to Facebook, this is another Playdom/Disney HOG (Hidden object game). To help celebrate Earth Day, they joined with Disney nature “Chimpanzee” (swinging into theaters April 20) to protect chimpanzees today and tomorrow.


Inspired by the most popular animal park in the Universe, Disney Social Games presents a brand new Hidden Object Game for Facebook.

Animal Kingdom Explorers invites you to join a team of globe-trotting wildlife experts on nature’s ultimate quest. Join Global Wildlife Research team members as they guide you through exotic wilderness to preserve habitats, build and grow your very own protective animal habitats, protect endangered species and expose a cast of entertaining characters.

You can watch a small trailer and play a demo exclusive scene. Find the hidden animals now, and Like Us to know when the game goes live!

Try Demo! –> http://play.dm/3AKCS

Watch the Trailer:

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