Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is now live! Join the quest, take the journey, and find hidden animals! Inspired by the most popular Animal Park in the Universe (Animal Kingdom Park in Florida), Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers will have you answering the call of the wild. Join your friends and be nature’s hero!


Playdom has made its success in social gaming with top Hidden Object games like Gardens of Time and Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, this knowledge is used to make up for another great HOG experience, with a completely different theme.

In Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers you play the role as a member of the Global Wildlife Research team that observes animals in their natural habitats, and builds wildlife Parks to preserve and protect the various species of wild animals.

Similar to other hidden object games available on Facebook and even online, gameplay is divided into two different sections, one where you travel around the world finding different hidden objects scattered around each scene, as usual the faster you find all the objects the higher you score and you can use five kinds of hints:

  • The Magnifying Glass is available from level 1, refills over time and finds one object in the scene.
  • The Goggles are unlocked at level 5 and you can use them to to easily search for hidden objects; when your goggles are over a hidden object, the object will glow! These can be purchased with gold or gifted by friends.
  • The Thermometer unlocks at level 10, can be purchased with gold or gifted by friends.
  • The Flashlight unlocks at level 15 and can be purchased with gold or gifted by friends.
  • And finally the Animal Hints which are available from level 1, and make up for a great educational tool, on scenes when you are asked to locate animals in scenes, you will see question mark icons next to their names which will provide you with clues when clicked! It show the animal image and gives a brief information about him.

The second half of the gameplay revolves around building your own Animal Park, this is done by following the several quests, buy and placing animals from different species and providing the necessary habitats and decorations.

Experience can be earned by playing and completing scenes and quests, and each new level will unlock new animals for your Preserve. On the other hand you also have to increase your reputation by placing animals and decorations on your Preserve, reputation is necessary to unlock more places to travel to and more scenes.

Apart from the technically excellence of Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers, what really makes the game standout from the already established hidden object titles is its educational side, targeted for kids and family gameplay, you may not get the highest score but your kids will for sure enjoy discovering all the different animal species present at the game! Even for adults this is a great way to discover new species and know more about other, the Animal Hints can, alone, be a great source of entertainment and a good spend time.

As a downside Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is a little demanding on friends, where some quests and habitat expansions can be really hard to accomplish without the necessary help of a large number of friends, this of course if your don’t want to spend Facebook Credits, which your are constantly asked to buy, either more energy, construction speed ups or habitat expansions.

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