CSI: Crime City

CSI: Crime City is a free to play Facebook game, based on the TV series Csi Las Vegas, where you take on the role of a new CSI agent, you’ll be working with the famous series characters, like Catherine Willows or Jim Brass.

In CSI: Crime City you will be given cases to solve, this is done by visiting the crime scenes and collecting clues, this is done on a click-grid basis, you have several grid squares and you have to search them for clues, this requires energy,  you also get the chance of collecting random items for your personal collection, when you find a clue you have to take it to the lab for processing.

Each case has a number of clues that are necessary to close the case, and also several locations to look for them, closing the case is done pretty automatically, when you have found and processed all the clues, you can close the case and watch the ending sequence.

CSI Crime City videos

Working first scene

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