You can now play Crosswords online with this new Facebook game by PuzzleSocial. The game uses licensed content from the top 50 crossword puzzle constructors in the United States in a daily basis!

Crosswords features two game types, two game modes, and four types of crossword puzzle that are updated daily. The game types are Singles or Doubles, where players complete the puzzle alone or with a friend.

The modes are “for fun” or “for stats” where players can choose whether or not to rank their performance in solving a puzzle.

The four puzzle types are divided by Newsday (the puzzles that appear in daily newspapers), A.V. Onion Club (which appear in the humor publication), CrosSynergy (which runs in the Washington Post), and a proprietary type called Celebrity where each of the daily puzzles is relevant to a piece of celebrity news gossip circulated that week. All with daily updates.

There are also tournaments to enters, where speed and accuracy will decide the winners, or you can just challenges friends to play Head-to-head!


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