Country Story

Get away from it all in Country Story and forget the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy the tranquil pleasures of your very own country farm and home. Tend to your crops and animals, visit your friends’ farm and breathe in the fresh country air. Play now and join the farming fun!

A whole new Country Story!

You think you know Country Story? The game that gives you and your friends your very own beautiful farms, full of cute animals, magical trees and delicious crops? Well think again.
Country Story has gone through all kinds of changes. It’s still all those things but now it’s so much more.

Faster, easier, better.

We’ve taken a long hard look at Country Story, listened to all of our players’ opinions and feedback and given it a full face lift and redesign. Every corner of the game has had a sprinkling of magic to make it faster, easier and better than ever before.We’re sure you’re going to love it!

Magic trees, more animals, more cute!

Not only have we been busy making the game look, feel and play great, we’ve also been adding all kinds of amazing new magic trees, animals and quests.
There’s even a fun new set of quests where you can complete a your very own collections of super-cute puppies and lambs!

Country Story Secrets, strategy and tips

Gameplay Videos


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