Clubbox is another nightclub manager game on Facebook with a small difference, you can create your own space club, play your favorite music and go clubbing in outer space! Much like PartyMania or NightClub City you have to manage your Club and make it prosper. In order to do it you have to play the basics, serve drinks, play a good music and provide a great entertainment time for your guest and club customers.

The thing about Clubbox is that the customers are a little different, their aliens! And as you level up and progress in the game you will unlock new alien species, which in return will give you some bonuses like expansions and special rewards.

A great tweak Clubbox features is a possibility to add videos from youtube and make you own playlist to entertain your customers in your club, additionally you can share in your Facebook wall so your friends know what’s playing at the moment.

Socially you can visit your friends, drink and dance in their clubs and you can hire them to work in your club as bartenders or bouncers for example.

Overall Clubbox is a nice club manager game, with some interesting features, but on the other hand, some might not look at aliens as a proper and fashionable way to treat nightclubs if you know what I mean…


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