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Clash: Rise of Heroes is a free to play, browser based, Collectible Card Game developed by Qunify for Facebook. In this strategy CCG you can be the star hero of your own, one-of-a-kind interactive comic book!

Create your hero and customize your powers, then prepare to battle against your enemies. A superhero-themed collectible card game (CCG), CLASH includes over 300 cards and counting!

The first thing you have to do after starting, is create a Superhero, choose their costume and power sets. Once you’ve finished that, you are provided with your “starter pack,” which is essentially the free cards you get for signing up. These cards will vary depending on the powers you selected. Then, you are immediately directed to the interactive tutorial, where you will learn how to play the game.

Currently, CLASH: Rise of Heroes offers nine Powersets: Fire, Water/Ice, Electricity, Energy, Might, Archery, Munitions, Psionic and Dark. In addition, there is a “Neutral” powerset, which offers cards that anyone can use (most Neutral powers are given as you level your Hero up). Your Hero initially has access to two powersets (as well as the Neutral powerset). However,  they will be able to access a third (Level 10) and even a fourth (Level 30)powerset!

You have different game modes:

The “Campaign” mode puts you in the center stage of a comic book, where you are the main character. When you reach a point in the comic book where conflict is inevitable, you transition to the game board to defeat the villain. Only through victory can you proceed through the story. Campaigns also give the players a great deal of XP and VP, as well as special cards.

The “Mission” mode offers a multi-part mission every day, usually a story arc. These missions give you XP and VP, and you can usually find some cool Item cards as well. The “VS.” mode allows you to either battle your friends (who must be logged into the system), or enter the “Find a Match” queue, which will hook you up with other players who are currently looking for a battle.

“Why can’t I access most parts of the site until I’m level 3?

We have locked the site so that players learn how to play the game before they purchase new cards, edit decks, battle friends, and complete missions. We believe that once players have a better idea of game mechanics, they can make more informed decisions. Think of it as an extended tutorial.”

Trailers and Gameplay videos

Additional resources:

Official Facebook PageOfficial Forum

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