City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a simulation game developed by Playdom that can be played for free on Facebook, Google Plus and iPhone, where you can create prosperous civilizations which will let you progress through the ages while researching various technologies.

Stone Age, Classical Age, Modern Age… and beyond! Get ready to advance through the stages of history and transform your humble hamlet into a thriving civilization!

In City of Wonder you not only get to create your own city but your own civilization. Guide your civilization out of the Stone Age into the Classical Age and if you’re lucky, the Modern Age. With the help of trusted advisors, explore distant lands to interact, trade, and battle other civilizations.

To advance through the ages you’ll need to develop, trade, or capture scientific knowledge and technology. Level up and unlock Legends of Science and technology to progress even faster. Build a sprawling Empire and thriving civilization.


  • Decorate your city with hundreds of beautiful residential, cultural, and economic buildings
  • Grow your city’s population from a small village to a bustling metropolitan city
  • Expand the borders of your city as you build power and wealth
  • Watch over your citizens as they work, play, and parade in your honor
  • Fight, trade, and ally with other players to see who will come out on top
  • Recruit historic Legends such as Alexander the Great to help you out

Gameplay videos


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