CastleVille is a free online social game available on Facebook, developed by Zynga, with a creative and involving storyline, where you start by saving the Duke, which offers you a nice piece of land for you to grow into a kingdom.

You will have to a little of everything in Castleville, city building, or better, Castle building, some farming and  fishing, decorating and much more. You also need to defend you castle, all this while gathering resources, visiting friends, doing quests and discovering new game characters. The more you grow your castle the more you expand your kingdom. But be careful, because enemies may pay you a visit and you have to defend your settlement.

Gameplay will require you to balance energy, resources like wood or stone, heart points and castle points to prosper, all in a beautifully designed and technically outstanding Facebook game, for all this and even more, this is a title everyone should try, from social to casual games players.

Trailers and gameplay videos

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