Castle & Co

Castle & Co is a magical place where you can build your very own fairytale kingdom and live happily ever after with your friends. As you start building your kingdom, various Workshops will become available with accompanying loyal subjects that collect gold for you.

With the gold that your subjects collect, you can purchase more Workshops and decorations to create your own unique magical kingdom. Lend your friends a hand by visiting their kingdoms to whack Evil Weeds and cheer up their subjects. You can also send your friends free gifts and participate in events together!

As you level up, more workshops become available, as well as decorations, decorations serve as support for your kingdoms, because the game features a nice system of happiness, the happy your subjects are the more and faster they work, each likes particular resources, so you have to provide them those resources, that come in the form of the decorations, another way to keep them happy is bay cheering them, this is done by clicking on them and using the Cheer option.

You can visit your friends to cut evil weeds or cheer up their workers, friends are also needed to help out in some quests, and in the Magic Lab, another extra feature, where you can learn magic spells and potion to further improve the happiness of your subjects or to gather collections.

Graphically, Castle & Co is very enjoyable, with nicely animated characters, cute workshops and overall look, nice sounds and music and full screen option.

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