Candy Dream

Candy Dream is a farming and management Facebook game where you build the candy factory of your dreams and play as an eccentric candy maker who must bring happiness to a world that is out of candy. Help your neighbors create wonderful creations and master the ever changing Candy Economy.


Candy Dream brings to mind Chocolate factory with Johnny Depp from Tim Burton, with a much more soft and cute approach to the theme, it really brings out memories from the movie.You have to plant and harvest several magical elements such as meteors or chocolate trees and caramel fountains in order to produce things like the neverending Bar of chocolate or the PB & Lava Bite.

In Candy Dream you runs your own factory, gather the necessary ingredients to produce magical candies, then travel to towns like Peppermint Mountain and sell them to the store owners.

While seeming all to soft and story like, there are a few things that make Candy Dream a more deep and demanding game, for example you have to check the sell prices on the several town stores, and the demand of the items to try to sell them to the highest bidder, and prices will change along the game.

Quests will appear in the top left of the game screen, and when you finish them you get rewards like money or experience, which are necessary to buy more items, that will unlock as you gain levels in the game.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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