Candy Dash

Candy Dash is a new Bust-a-move or Bubble shooter online game available on Facebook  and Google Play by Vostu. Iinstead of bubbles you have to shoot candies and make matches of 3 or more.

The objective is to complete all levels ( 30 for now) and collect all of the magical candy recipes so that the princess can become queen.

Candy Dash is divided into kingdoms with several levels each, you have to collect a minimum number of stars (TIP: stars are collected by shooting directly at them, if they fall you don’t get stars), which are need to finish a kingdom and progress to another.

Princess Isabela needs your help to become queen of the Candy Kingdom! In the new game from Vostu you will help the princess collect the magical candy recipes from each of the recipe masters. Shoot the candies to collect them and prove yourself worthy of the crown. The princess will be there to guide you, as well as her loyal friend Shelter the unicorn.

After unlocking the multiplayer challenge you can play against head to head against real players!

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Trailers and gameplay videos

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