Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga is a social bubble shooter game produced by King.com, also responsible for Bubble Saga success. Your mission is to help the Bubble Witches and their cats (Wilbur and Baroness) to free the Witch Country by embarking on a Saga-quest to break the evil spells over 245 amazing bubble shooting levels, with new content added all the time.

Important warning – You can only play Bubble Witch Saga game free online on Facebook and Google+ platforms or at King.com games portal, there are no “Download Versions” of the game, but there are many websites advertising it, so be careful when you enter any of those.


Bubble Witch Saga gameplay is similar to other bubble shooter titles, you have to shoot bubbles from a magic cauldron, and make groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear, but there some new features that really make a difference in this game, for example when you successfully make groups of 3 bubbles a spider comes down, each time you fail to burst bubbles 2 spiders go up, they are actually really important to achieve a good score, as they serve as multipliers for falling bubbles, in a sort of peggle style extra scoring feature.

You start with five lives and you lose one every time you fail to achieve the necessary score or if you run out of bubbles.

Tip – You can switch between your active bubble and the next one by pressing the “Space” key.

Another great thing that makes players come for more, is the story driven setup, Bubble Witch Saga is played in Witch Country, and divided into 19 regions, each with several levels, introducing a deeper gameplay experience and a long term goal.

Bubble Witch Saga

Another difference towards other bubble shooters, is that instead of the usual time based gameplay, Bubble Witch Saga uses a limited moves strategy, meaning you only have a certain number of bubbles to shoot and reach the level goal, allowing for a more relaxed game experience where players have to plan their moves and think about the correct strategy.

Also it is not enough to clear all the bubbles in each level, you have to clear it and achieve the minimum level score that changes according to the level. You can get from 1 to 3 stars, the number of stars you accumulate is necessary to unlock some power ups , so the better you do in each level the sooner you will unlock them.

To progress through Bubble Witch Saga map from one region to the next, you will need your friends help  break the evil spell blocking the way, at this point you have to ask them for charms and once they respond, you can break the spell and move on.

Each region introduces news features and hazards increasing the game difficulty, fortunately with each new feature, you get some tips  and explanation from Wilbur, your feline helper.

help tip

Social features of Bubble Witch Saga include sending and receiving lives from friends, also you need them to unlock new regions as mentioned above. You can also compare your score in the leader board for each level, as well as taunt your friends when you pass them.

Overall, Bubble Witch Saga is a fantastic social bubble shooter game and that’s why it currently has over 23 million active players/month on Facebook alone.

Trailers and Gameplay Videos

Additional resources:

You can find gameplay videos of almost all levels in youtube, in skillgaming.de channel.

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