Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari is a new social bubble shooter game available on Facebook, this time brought by Zynga on an attempt to diversify their games offer. You play the role of a chimp in his quest to save her loved one and his friends from poachers, in order to do this you have to collect fruits and overcome each level with success.

Bubble Safari Review

If you are familiar with the bubble shooter genre and already played other titles from King.com like Bubble witch Saga, you will find yourself at home. I wouldn’t call it a clone of the previous, but it is closer, it uses a different theme, a jungle one and very nice and fresh by the way. But you also have a map, divided into regions with several levels each, and final levels to pass from one region to another.

You have a star system, a limited number of bubbles to finish each level, you have humming birds instead of spiders, and you have fruit baskets in the place of cauldrons, for your multiplier peggle themed finale.

Despite this somewhat obvious lack of originality, Bubble Safari manages to successfully introduce some new mechanics and gameplay variants that make it worth playing.

If you never heard of or never played a bubble shooter before, you have to match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them burst, by shooting them from your hand cannon using a limited number of bubbles, you need to clear 10 bubbles of the top row and achieve at least 1 star to successfully finish a level and progress to the next one. You can also replay any level to improve your score!

You start with some introductory easy levels, that play like a tutorial, explaining the basic moves and game mechanics, each initial level introduces a new thing, power-ups, humming birds, final level bonuses, etc, all explained in detail.

The most innovative thing in the title is the bubble friends variation, where you can add friends to your gameplay sections, each one will provide an extra bubble of a different color that you can use when necessary. This feature actually makes Bubble Safari more social than its competitors, and at some measure will ensure a much cheaper gaming experience.

Bubble Safari uses an energy system instead of the usual lives system, each level will cost you energy to play, but as long as you keep finish levels with the necessary number of stars you get your energy refilled as part of the reward. You also earn money in each level that you can use to buy power ups.

Speaking of power ups, there are plenty to use, you can find them at the bottom of the game screen and some can be bought with coins (the in-game money), other are only available with cash that you can buy with Facebook credits. You can buy and use up to 3 at the same time, these include: starting levels with some extra hummingbirds, extra Bubble Friends slots or extra bubbles.

Socially you can send and receive energy to friends, add them to “Bubbles from friends”, let them know when you pass them in the game, and compare scores in the leaderboard.

Although, and lets not forget this is a social based game, Bubble Safari can be a little annoying by constantly showing pop-ups to add friends or invite friends or share every level.

Overall, this is a great bubble blaster, with solid gameplay, great graphics, animations and sounds, offering lots of playing hours of fun. If you already played or even finished other titles you will find new challenges and levels to keep you entertained for sure.

You can play it on Facebook or at Zynga games portal, or both, as your progress is carried over.

Gameplay Videos

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