Bubble Island

Bubble Island is an exciting puzzle game based on a popular arcade concept. Modernized and re-developed for the social gaming sphere, users shoot a bubble-cannon and pop bubbles of matching colors to progress through several stages. Bubble Island includes elements of friendly competition as well as cooperation in a fast-paced island atmosphere.

Bubble Island is a story about a young and brave raccoon in search of great adventure. In this game you play as a raccoon trying to solve various types of puzzle with your magical bag of endless bubbles. The game was produced by Wooga Games for Facebook and this is considered a clone of many puzzle game that came before.

The game is divided into stages, each with several levels to play in order to clear it, the game is played like a journey, where you travel around the map, through different stages, each with different decorations and backgrounds.

You start off with a few easy stage and introduction on how the game works. Bubble Island has simple and basic stuff which players usually get from puzzle games.

Gameplay Videos


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