Bubble Color World

Bubble Color World is a new bubble popper Facebook game by Waappy a new French startup developer.

It all starts with the colors in the world have carried away in bubbles and your mission in to help out Max, a cute little feline friend to restore these colors to the world one region after another and find is kitten friends.


Bubble Color World is played in 60 seconds rounds, and the goal is to pop as much bubbles as possible and achieve the round goal, which can go from one to three stars. Gameplay is similar to Fruit Frenzy where you must swing your mouse to slice and cut the colored bubbles, while at the same time avoiding the poison vials that give you negative points.

There are two game modes, the simple one, played like an adventure, and takes you to Color World. This is divided into several regions, each with multiple rounds or levels. Each successful level will restore some color to that particular region, so that at the end of each region you have all of its colors restored, and you can move on to the next.

In the duel mode you can challenge a friend or a casual player on the same screen, popping only the blue or red bubbles.

You start with 5 lives and you lose one if you fail a level. Friends can send you lives and you can compete with them in the weekly tournament for example.

Bubble Color World also feature power ups, some permanent, called indispensables, and others with limited number of uses. You also have Max House where you can take a look at the rescued kitten and where your achievements and medal are displayed.

Gameplay Video

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