Blitz Spot it!

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Blitz Spot it! is a new online social party game by Visiware on Facebook, are you looking for a simple and highly addictive game? Then search no further… Blitz Spot It is THE observation game for you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world of Blitz Spot it! An experience that will put your observation skills to test! Think you can find the matching symbols? Get your daily dose of fun!

The rules are simple: find the same symbol on the two cards displayed on the screen.
When you find a symbol, simply click on it to move on to the next card. The more symbols you find and the faster you go, the more points you score. Hurry up before the time gauge is completely empty! If you make a mistake you will suffer a penalty of 3 seconds!
Sounds easy, right? How long will you survive and how many cards will you withdraw? Stretch your limits! Get ready to play!

Blitz Spot It is also a fun-filled card collecting game! Collect 7 different series. Each series consists of 8 cards:

Orange series
Green Series
Yellow Series
Blue Series
Purple Series
Red Series
Black Series

Each series has a mystery character hidden behind it. The more cards you collect within the series, the more details will be revealed. Once all cards have been collected, you’ll discover the hilarious character!

Invite your friends to discover Blitz Spot It and challenge them to beat your score! To invite your Facebook friends, click “Invite friends” on the navigation bar, or click on the “Invite” button displayed on the current competition ranking.

Share your results with all your friends and challenge them to beat you!
Post your score on Facebook at the end of each game so your friends can take up the challenge and try to do better! Simply click on the “Post” button displayed on the screen at the end of the game and follow the instructions.

The lives, represented by red hearts, indicate the number of free games you can play until your lives refill. You will receive three free lives, or four lives if three of your friends install Dobble. The lives regenerate every 30 minutes.

About the origin

Relased in 2009 as a board game, Dobble (Spot It in the US) is a truly addictive memory game combining speed, reflexes, observation, and fun. Its fun and simple rules, consisting of finding matching symbols in two stacks of cards, have already made it a genuine classic, and explain its increasing success year after year.

Blitz Dobble does not depart from this basic rule. Visiware game designers have successfully reproduced the Dobble universe while adding great new features. The player can enter a fantastic “Journey mode” and travel through 20 more and more difficult levels, while earning
virtual currency, power-ups, and new features along the way. Gamers wanting to compete against their friends can also enter the Weekly Tournament, with its exciting and challenging
Survival mode.

On top of the Adventure and Tournament modes, Blitz Dobble has added a great new feature:
the Eye Q calculation (Eye Quotient). The Eye Q is to the eye what IQ is to intelligence. For the first time, it is possible to compare your visual prowess with that of your friends, and have fun in the process.

The game also benefits from all the social features of the Facebook platform and best-of-breed implementation of Open Graph.

The launch anticipates a new powerful trend in social gaming: the appearance of next-generation licensed games, like Dobble, which can compete with more traditional games like Monopoly or Scrabble, already available on Facebook.

Gameplay Video

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