Blackwood & Bell Mysteries

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is an Hidden Object Game available on Facebook from Playdom, developers of Gardens of Time. Find hidden objects, travel the world, and spot clues to foil dastardly villains in Victorian times!


Players will travel around the world searching for clues that will be vital to the cases.  Items obtained through these travels can be displayed in a beautiful Evidence Yard. There are also quests, marvels, collections and more!

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries gameplay is basically the same found in Gardens of Time, from the scene, to the way you unlock them, just replace the Time Machine by an AirShip and artifact by evidences and you won’t find much differences, the good thing is that both games are great Hidden Object games, and the genre seems really popular on Social Networks, and specially in Facebook. Just look at the game as an opportunity to play more and different scenes, a new garden to decorate making it is a great option for Hidden Object Fans.

About Clues and Collections

When you play scenes, there is a chance that you will be asked to locate a special item in the scene called a Clue. Clues in each scene guide players toward solving the crimes. If you find the Clue, it will be displayed to you at the end of the scene when you receive your overall score, and then it will be stored in your Collections section. There will be numerous Clues in each Chapter that you will need to obtain to complete that Chapter’s Collection. Once a Collection is complete, you will be able to move forward in the game and will receive a special reward item that you can showcase in your Evidence Yard. To fully complete a Collection after you have received all Clues, open the Collection section of the game to redeem your reward. The reward item will be placed in your storage for you to use when you choose.

Check our Gameplay First Look video:

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