Barn Buddy

Barn Buddy is a free social farming game available on Facebook or MySpace, developed by TheBroth, where you can look after your friends’ farms and grow some crops together! Or be naughty, steal their crops and add bugs and weeds to their farms. Play the best looking farm game around, with lots of animated animals to take care of!

Barn Buddy is another farming proposal from TheBroth, it is not the usual farming we are used, it is more a micro management farming, you have to do everything using different tools, you have to select the harvest tool to harvest, the remove dead plant after harvesting to prepare the land to plant again, etc…

Other micro management tasks include, using the bug spray, watering and removing weeds, even when you harvest, your crops are placed in the storehouse, and you have to go there to sell them.

The game features lots of different items, plants, animals ( you can even get an elephant), flowers, decorations or even Domo in a shell for 35 Facebook Credits.

Barn Buddy Videos

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