Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsters is a browser based strategy and tower defense game available on social platforms such as Facebook or iPhone.

You start off with a small stretch of unused grassland, and have to build a Town Hall (base) and all sorts of resource gathering, defensive and offensive buildings. The goal is to expand the base, to attack other players and survive enemy attacks. All players are situated in the same world and the game goes on when players are not online. Both gathering enough resources and upgrading buildings often take hours.

The game revolves around four main resources; ‘Twigs’, ‘Pebbles’, ‘Putty’ and ‘Goo’. Each of these can be gathered using dedicated buildings. The resources must be stored in Silos and are used to buy other buildings, upgrade buildings and research and create creatures. Using ‘Shiny’, a fifth resource that can be bought for real money, people can buy certain improvements in game.

Every building has a specific function and is built by workers, taking a period of time and a sum of resources to develop. Upgrading buildings increases their functionality and health. The number of buildings and upgrades is limited and bound to the level of the Town Hall.

Using a complex procedure, players can create a range of creatures, that are housed in pastures. After building a map room (to spot others) and a flinger (to catapult the monsters) players can unleash their monsters on other players.

Trailers and gameplay videos


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