Baby & Me

Baby & Me is a brand new social game available on Facebook. Create your own customized virtual baby and mom and live the life of a ModernMom. Fun-filled games will challenge you as you go from the beach to the park, to the market and the playground. Whether you are planning a play-date or mom’s night out, it’s always new and exciting with ModernMom’s Baby & Me.

Gameplay and general look are great, with nice polished graphics and sounds. Very nice and detailed tutorials on each section are also great and will teach you all about the different aspects of the game.

On Baby & Me, you play the role of a single mother with the task of raising and nurturing a baby, your tasks vary a lot, you have to look for your baby well being, feed, clean, dress, play with him or her, etc… Your tasks are done by playing several sorts of skill based mini games, adding variety to the game.

While having to take care of your baby, you also have to look for yourself, exercise, eat or watch television are some of them. Your goal is to keep yourself, the mother, and your baby as happy as possible.

You can dress-up yourself with lots of different looks, with all options available, and you can dress-up your baby also. Other activities include, crafting clothes and food, like diapers, toys or food for your baby, or food and accessories for the mom.

On the educational side, Baby & Me features lots of useful videos on the subjects, with testimonies, gym classes and lots of other information to watch in the mom section, which is a really nice touch.

Each time you perform actions and tasks you get experience, which allows for leveling up unlocking new items and locations to visit. As for locations you can visit several places in the map, each with different activities and purposes, like going to the beach to play hidden object games for rewards and fun, or visiting the restaurant for a nice meal.

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