Atomic Strike

Atomic Strike is the first browser played Real Time Strategy game on Facebook. You can manage a great military base, unlock technologies and weapons and repel the enemy in great battles.

Atomic strikes is one of those games where you have always lots of things to do, its a full RTS with great additions, everything can be upgraded, from units to buildings.

The game starts off really well, with a fully detailed tutorial, you will learn the basics of it even if you are not used to this game genre, you’ll learn to upgrade your buildings, their options, to build up your troops, formations etc.  After the tutorial you will for sure be able to proceed without any greater difficulty.

he game is based on a story guideline support, this gives some more deepness to the whole thing and a nice feeling of accomplishment to the player and it progresses in the game.

The strategy part is very well done and in the first training mission you will be guided through all the basic features, such as producing and placing the various unit types, selecting them and targeting your enemies, all in a very swift and clear way.

This is a great game for real time strategy game Fans…

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