Atlantis Fantasy

Atlantis Fantasy is a new city building Facebook game, developed by Kobojo, also responsible for another city building themed Facebook game, PyramidVille.

In the game you must rebuild the ancient city of Atlantis, previously destroyed by Zeus in a fit of rage. You are now an apprentice god of Olympus, and need to manage the expansion of your new underwater city with the help of Poseidon, god of the sea and his wife Tethys!

Atlantis Fantasy is all about building, you need to gather resources, that can be collected from clearing the several existent aquatic vegetation or produced in several structures, htere is also some planning to do as you need to connect all structures to your statue with roads so they can produce.

You can use your basic energy to speed up production and construction which is a great feature and really fastens the gameplay.

With multiple mission to accomplish, beautiful scenarios, original constructions, and a near to perfect gameplay mechanics, Atlantis Fantasy is a fast paced, and awesome social game!

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