Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic is a new real time Facebook strategy game from Playdom. Enter a world of high fantasy, where centuries of peace have been shattered by a rising Goblin menace.

In Armies of Magic, you will play as a Human, Elf, or Dwarf hero in unique real-time strategy battles. Build an army, battle your enemies, form guilds, and save the realm from the invading Goblin Hordes!


You start by choosing your character and race, Humans have balanced leadership, Dwarves Technology advance and Elves Master the magic arts, you can also choose your gender and one of 3 avatars. There is some lack of information on all of this options when you start so basically is just a matter of taste.

Armies of Magic gameplay is divided into 2 main sections, the city building, where you have to manage your city, here you have the usual city building features, residential buildings are necessary to increase population and gather troops for your army, goods buildings are used to produce resources like food, wood, minerals etc. Other types of buildings are military, like the blacksmith and the target range, and allow to start contracts which provides extra troops and different units.

Cultural buildings produce culture, culture is what keep your troops fresh and willing to fight! Without it, none of them will have the will or stamina to go to battle for you.  Every type of Residential, Goods, Military, or Spell buildings uses up your culture by a certain amount, and you will need to build more Culture buildings in order to replace it.  If you do not have enough Culture buildings in your city, you will not be able to produce Population, Units, or Spells.

Research lets you learn new Technology in order to produce better types of buildings, units, and spells. You will need to be sure to devote adequate time to research or you will quickly fall behind your enemies, since the most powerful units can only be created when they have been properly researched. To check in on your Research at any time, click on the Research icon in the City screen. This will take you to the Research menu where you can choose new Technology to Research or see how long until your current Research is complete. You can also use the Tech Tree to look ahead and plan what kind of Research you would like to pursue in the future.

Each Technology requires a certain amount of silver and time in order to complete, but you can also instantly research any Technology with Gold.

The second section of Armies of Magic gameplay are the battles, these are played in real time and usually are given by quests or the game storyline, where you have to defeat your enemy by deploying units, each unit has a cost and you start each battle with limited resources, you can also use miners to gather more resources, just remember to protect them!

Battles are played in a side view perspective, you have to place your troops with strategic timing to succeed and overcome your enemy, while simple when it comes to options, carefully thinking and study of your adversaries will prove worthy.

Armies of Magic offers a great tutorial with step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the game, from the city building/management to the interactive battle tutorial, the rest is up to you.

The social features include visiting your friends, helping on their cities, gifting, and helping with materials for several quests, constructions, research etc. There are also guilds, technologies to research, several different currency types, each with a specific use and much more.

Some great features like the battle arena, where players can fight each other in PVP style are still unavailable but will give even more power to the game.

Graphically great, with detailed city animations and appealing battle visuals, Armies of Magic will for sure bring new Facebook players to the genre, a really good title!

Armies of Magic Videos

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