Ameba Pico World

Ameba Pico, is a virtual world game on Facebook, where you can recreate yourself, and express your own style with users from around the world.

In Ameba Pico World you start by choosing your avatar genre and look, by the way the avatar is pretty nice and cute, more than on Habbo Hotel in my opinion. This game also offers a tutorial helper, to let you know the basics of the game, movement and interaction with the things in the world and with other players.

Ameba Pico World features great and cute graphics, both on avatars and scenarios, you have your own room, that you can decorate, but while in Habbo World you are inside a Hotel, here in Ameba Pico World you have lots of Theme location like a Pirate Ship or a Ninja refuge to visit, and perform task that will give you rewards. The game tasks are pretty easy at the beginning, and as the game is set mainly for children (aged 13 or above) or young teens this is very important to catch their attention.

As a game for children, Ameba Pico World  security is a priority, featuring a parent’s guide, also the Ameba Pico team moderates all chatting with the users on the public chat channels to insure a PG-13 atmosphere. They also regulate all inappropriate languages, including racial conversations and adult related subjects. Ameba Pico has a built in profanity filter which blocks all abusive languages in our Chat Rooms which is frequently updated.

The game also features a great Official Guide always available at one click of the mouse, where you can get help on the quests or anything else you might have questions about.

The game is very polished and provides a really nice playing environment, lots of customization, quests and great variety of themes provides a refreshing and different experience for all players.

Ameba Pico World Videos

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