Indiana Jones Adventure World

Adventure World on Facebook is an adventure game from Zynga, with great Indiana Jones style and environment, with jungle exploration and puzzles to solve.

This is a great quality game, as usual from Zynga, graphics and sounds are near flawless, soundtrack gives a great sensation of Indiana Jones adventures.

There are lots of different stuff to do in the game, you have your base camp, where you return after each expedition, there you have to manage supplies, by arranging contracts with sellers, do some clean up, by clearing bushes and stone, place buildings, and dig sites which are used to produce money, etc.

The game features 3 main resources, each Adventurer will have access to one of three unique supplies. Food, Water, or Fuel. You will need to team up with your friends and share resources in order to start an expedition or adventure.

Friends are also needed to ask for items and gifts, in return you can visit them and help out in their camp, by whacking bushes or helping in several tasks.

Adventure World gameplay Videos

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