Adventure Park

Adventure Park is a new social game from iZ Social available to Facebook users, where you can run your won amusement park.

In Adventure Park game you will be able to build the most exciting and thrilling roller coasters and rides, select the most entertaining shows, run your own businesses and schedule amazing events to make sure your visitors have a great time in your park. Build different areas (Science Fiction, Cinema, History, etc…) and live a fascinating experience in the funniest setting you can
possibly think of: an amusement park.


You start the by meeting the several characters that will give you the tasks and assignments along the game, each one has a specific area of expertise and will give you tips and advices on what to build or what to do in the right time, one is in charge of the maintenance and decoration, another offers financial advices and economics, and others will be your link with performers.

At first, one of the characters will teach you how to play. Once this is done, you will be able to build your park to your liking. Remember that you need to level up in the game in order to unlock new buildings, rollercoasters, businesses etc. You can, however, always unlock the option before time with Park Cash.

In order to expand the park you have to select the empty plots of land adjacent to your park. They are marked in dark colors. To buy an expansion some requirements need to be met.

  • Permits. You can get them by collaborating with your friends and by asking them for help. You can also get them in a straightforward way and without having to wait by acquiring them with Park Cash.
  • Level: we will explain it later.
  • Coins.

The level of your park is indicated in the upper part of the screen and tells you the level you have reached in your park. You can thus compare to your friends and see who is most advanced. The level of your park increases depending on the actions carried out in the game and XP (experience). Almost any action you carry out in the game will give you XP, but it is the rollercoasters that give you most.

Experience is what makes your business go forward and allows your park to increase in level, in order to get experience point you need to build rollercoasters, businesses, backstage areas and shows or schedule events in order to gain experience points (XP) and:

  • Collecting the profits of your buildings. Every time you collect the coins of a rollercoaster, business, backstage area, show or event you receive experience points (XP).
  • Completing missions. The characters of the park are going to ask you to do some missions. If you complete them, you will get extra XP.
  • Clicking on the Adventure Park notifications on your friends’ walls. Clicking on certain Adventure Park notifications published by your friends will give you a reward.

Social points are another important factor in Adventure Park and can be obtained by visiting your friends’ parks and clicking on their buildings/rollercoasters. Every click will get you a social point up to a máximum of 5 per friend. These social points help you to unlock elements in the game. Remember that the more friends you have the more social points you can get every day.

Yet another important feature is the Fun level. It indicates the fun the visitors of the theme park have. This indicator decreases with time and can only be raised again with the interaction of shows and rollercoasters. The fun level affects the content of the missions and their rewards, it unlocks the access to events and other elements of the game. Furthermore, the fun determines the number of visitors in the park and raises or decreases it depending on the level.

The level of fun usually rises with the help of the buildings belonging to the Shows category. Every time you collect from a show you get fun points.

Every time you collect from a show or a rollercoaster you get fun points. The number of fun points depends on the building and the decorative items and events that surround it.

The several key aspects to grow your park:

The rollercoasters are the main interest for your visitors. Building new rollercoasters will increase the maximum capacity of your park. Putting them in operation will generate XP points and fun points.

Businesses are buildings that work as the main source of coins in the park. Once built and passed some time they generate Coins. Coins are some of the most important resources in the game to buy elements in the shop (Rollercoasters, Shows, Businesses, Events, Decorative Items, Expansions), new performers for the backstage areas or expand your park.

The Shows: Along with the rollercoasters they add some life and color to the park. They are performed by actors and you can schedule different performances. After the performance fun points will be generated.

Events are a form of entertainment livening up a certain area of the park, from the the fire-eater to parades with giant balloons. They are of limited time and, depending on the event, generate rewards or change the rewards of the nearby buildings.

The backstage areas are the place where the actors rest and do their training. You will need some backstage areas to be able to hire performers for your shows.

Getting friends in the game is very simple and very important. All you need to do is send an invitation to your friends. In the bottom bar you’ll see an “Invite Friends” icon; here you can select who you want to invite and once your invitation has been accepted your friend will become your neighbor. Turning your friends into neighbors allows you to expand your territory and get players and components for free.

Only those friends who have invited you or whom you have invited will be displayed, so they become your fellow players. If you want to invite friends to take part, use the “Invite” function available in the game.

Additional Tips & Tricks

  • It’s a lively park: You will be able to see the results of the decisions you have taken in your park at any time. The better you do it, the more visitors your park will have and the faster it will grow.
  • It’s your own amusement park: With Adventure Park you can make your dream come true and have your own park, giving it your personal touch with hundreds of different elements to choose from. There will be no other park like yours.
  • Let the show begin: Amazing rides and roller coasters, funny and entertaining shows, special events in the streets… Anything is allowed to make sure your visitors have the best day of their lives.
  • It’s social: Work hand in hand with your friends to build more and better buildings or rollercoasters and rides. Visit their parks, help them repair their roller coasters and rides and you will have their help as well. Playing with friends is not a must but it is a lot more fun.

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