A Mystical Land

A Mystical Land is a multi platform 3D browser game, it features stunning 3d graphics, a awesome freedom of movements and actions.

You can choose your class from priest or warrior options and do virtually anything you want. From crafting items to cooking, farming, fishing, or even some craft working like wood cutting or blacksmith. All of this can be done using a very simple and efficient interface.

A Mystical Land features a lot of quests, the exploration of the game world is really enjoyable as the game features great landscapes, and the freedom of movement you have in the game lets you wonder and appreciate the game surrounding.

Overall A Mystical Land is a great game for younger players, its a great option for play with kids, it can be educational as you can do farming and animal petting in a great graphical environment, you can even play the entire game without fighting just exploring, crafting even tailoring clothes, this shows how versatile the game is.

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